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Topic: Event: Piasan Seni (art exhibition) Banda Aceh August 21-24  (Read 1061 times)
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Event: Piasan Seni (art exhibition) Banda Aceh August 21-24
« on: August 21, 2013, 12:21:11 PM »

For you, especially who have a big enthusiasm for participating in an annual art event called Piasan Seni. The great event was initiated by The Culture and Tourism Department of Banda Aceh. Piasan Seni is a series of activities that gives promotional space, art appreciation and art education for artists and all Acehnese peoples.

In this year, the activity will be held on 21-24 August 2013 that would be concentrated on public places such as Taman Sari, Taman Budaya and Banda Aceh Mayor Office area.

There are many agendas that would be celebrated in this ceremony themed “silaturrahmi” event, including the art exhibition, open stage art appreciation, art workshop, , the art discussion, movie exhibition named “bioskop Misbar Taman Sari” and many competitions for the visitors.

Each stand would perform in an art performance to entertain the visitors. This event is often used as the promotional event from each communities such as the musician, the dance performance, the literature and theater, fine art, handy craft, the attraction and multimedia performance communities.

For those who wants to learn about the art, there would be an opportunity for you to do so, with open stage art discussion and workshop performance for the visitors. The live entertainment will entertain visitors starting from the opening ceremony, arts & spiritual moment, journey of Banda Aceh, we love Banda Aceh and ended with a closing ceremony.

Especially for the creative person and wants to be the competition, the committee will also hold various competitions such as composing Banda Aceh theme song, the rapa’i tunang competition, poetry contest for high school student, and the painting contest for elementary school student.

This activity is expected to provide a space, to promote art, to teach and appreciate art for the artists, art workers and the visitors. On the other side, hopefully it would direct art as an investment for the continuity and sustainability of art in the future.