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Topic: Visiting Pasola 2014  (Read 847 times)
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Visiting Pasola 2014
« on: September 20, 2013, 04:56:38 AM »
Would like to visit the Pasola festival on Sumba island next year also to make some nice photos. Already did some research and found out that there are two Pasalo festivals in West Sumba in february, in both the Kodi area and the Lemboya area. Festival seems to start about 6-8 days after full moon (set at febr. 15) which would mean about febr. 21 till 23. It seems that the dates are not exactly known in advance but that's not a problem, I can go to Sumba a few days before and wait for the Pasola dates while visiting other places on the island (which seems to be special).

A few questions about this:

How many days does each festival take place, can someone confirm or squeeze in the dates?

Are both festivals at exactly the same time?

Any tourist can visit them, walk aroud, take photos etc.?

I think my best bet would be to go with a guide or driver (or ojek), recommendations for a guide/(ojek) driver? May be also for visiting other parts of the island before or after the Pesola.

Waikabubak seems the best place to settle, agree on that? Recommendations for a place to stay (just a good one, no luxury needed)?

Other recommendations/advice about this?

Thanks answering in advance,