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Tour & Travel Listing / Re: Listing Tourism operators
« on: July 16, 2013, 01:06:07 PM »

Address   : Ruko Odessa, Blok AA2 No.32, Jalan Boulevard Raya, Gading Serpong, Tangerang Selatan 15810
Tel         : +62  818 145 135 / +62 857 80 923 923
e-mail    :
Website : www.Holiday-Getaway.NET

Description in English :

Holiday Getaway has continually branded itself as an innovative tour operator in Jakarta. The company founded in 2006 by Franciscus a tourism enthusiast who have more than what it takes to drive the company into the cutting edge world. The company is dedicated to provide inbound travel services and hospitality. Its fast services, innovation and friendliness have attracted many tour operators, travel agents, hoteliers to work together. Our focus on hiring professional trained tour guides has kept us well above the competition and each day we get many feedbacks from customers, tour operators and others about our services. We are proud to the fact we have highly trained and motivated teams who are always client driven and experienced on the field. With years of experience added to our creativity and happy customers have made us one of the best tour operator specializing in islands tour holidays in Jakarta. Our services are unmatchable to any other in the industry. You may know this the moment you join our tour.
• To be the leading tour operator in Jakarta.
• We aim to introduce the beauty of Indonesia especially in Jakarta to all the visitors.
• We work with all the stake holders in the industry and mutually benefit each other by sharing our knowledge, our service and our skills.
• We keep our clients satisfied in our tour
• Holiday Getaway is committed to help and make a better living to the local community.

We always try to bring the true values to our customers. We are one of the few reliable tour operators in Republic of Indonesia, who give exceptional services, unbiased product information and experienced service.
We offer top tour services to our business partners to operate holiday programs in Jakarta according to the tour concept and needs and always at competitive rates.

Our affliation with resorts and our allotments with the surrounding islands give us opportunity to keep our trusted allies and clients happy most of the time. We can guarantee fast replies and reliability in our services. Our tours also had been shown several times by Backyard Adventures program on O Channel TV.
We operate on yachts and boats in Jakarta dan Anyer. Cruise tour in Sunda Straits  and Thousand Island. Our selection of yachts and boats are from top end to middle. We mainly operate scubadiving, snorkeling and fishing, Krakatoa Hiking. Most of our boats are on charter basis however we also keep a selection of boats as FIT.

So far we are the only tour operator that practicing sustainable tourism that can be sustained in the long term because it results in a net benefit to the social, economic, natural and cultural environments of the area in which it  takes place.

• Tour Operator Representations
• Handling frequent individual travelers
• Group inclusive tours
• Meetings, Incentive, conferences and conventions
• Corporate Social Responsibility
• Special interest tours
• Educational study tours
• Excursions
• Liveaboard cruise

• We can offer and tailor Group itineraries to visitors.
• Our minimum requirement of 10 passengers means your group booking will benefit from the most competitive rates offered.
• The combination of experience and expertise of our Product Managers provide a vital resource of personal recommendations to accentuate your Group’s itinerary.
• Our established long term relationships with only the best ground operators will ensure your Group enjoys courteous and professional customer service.
• We are the first to introduce sustainable tourism to the area.
• Our Guide is legal dan registered to Himpunan Pramuwisata Indonesia (The Indonesian Tourist Guide Association) and World Federation of Tour Guide Association.

Deskripsi dalam Bahasa Indonesia:

Saya, Franciscus, dari Holiday Getaway ingin menawarkan kerjasama untuk memberikan pelayanan perjalanan wisata bahari ke gugusan Kepulauan Seribu bagi tamu-tamu yang mengunjungi Indonesia. Penawaran wisata bahari ini akan mendapatkan tanggapan positif dari tamu-tamu dikarenakan program yang kami tawarkan ini lengkap dengan aktivitas dan penuh dengan keceriaan bagi peserta tour. Dan tour ini merupakan full day tour.

1.   Mempromosikan kepada wisatawan bahwa terdapat wisata bahari yang cukup dekat dengan Jakarta.
2.   Memperkenalkan kepada wisatawan adanya wisata bahari di gugusan Kepulauan Seribu yang tidak kalah indahnya dengan negara pantai lainnya di dunia.

1.   Win – Win – Win. Saya senang – Anda senang – Masyarakat juga senang.
2.   Membuat wisatawan lebih betah untuk tinggal lebih lama karena banyaknya lokasi wisata bahari di Jakarta khususnya di Kepulauan Seribu yang belum mereka kunjungi.
3.   Wisatawan akan kembali lagi ke Indonesia untuk menikmaati lebih banyak wisata lainnya.
4.   Menjalankan program sustainable tourism dimana wisata bahari sejenis ini bisa tetap terjaga dan berkelanjutan untuk jangka panjang.
5.   Pelaksanaan tour ini juga pastinya akan ikut mendongkrok perbaikan dari sisi sosial, ekonomi, budaya bagi masyarakat di Kepulauan Seribu.
6.   Semakin banyaknya wisatawan yang mengunjungi Kepulauan Seribu untuk berwisata akan mampu menumbuhkan kecintaan masyarakat terhadap keanekaragaman hayati di bumi Indonesia.
7.   Dalam tour ini juga kami sertakan kegiatan eco-tourism dan secara tidak langsung pengelola juga termasuk ikut mensukseskan program ini.
8.   Wisata yang diadakan oleh Holiday Getaway dibeberapa episode sudah sering ditayangkan di televisi O Channel dalam acara Backyard Adventure.

Demikian info ini saya buat dan besar harapan saya agar pihak pengelola yang berwenang bisa mencapai kesepakatan dalam mempromosiklan pengadaan wisata bahari ini.

Kami menyambut baik semua kalangan yang mau bekerja sama dengan kami.


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