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Is anyone been to Bangka Belitung here?, it is a tourist place?, and if it is then what are interesting things are there to do. Well, interesting things for me is fishing, sailing, eating a lot. Seafood my favorite, what are local food in Bangka Belitung? and please do tell me budget, because it is limited.  8)

Saya menggunakan Google Translator
(Apakah ada yang pernah ke Bangka Belitung sini?, Itu adalah tempat wisata?, Dan jika kemudian apa hal menarik yang ada untuk melakukan. Nah, hal yang menarik bagi saya adalah memancing, berlayar, makan banyak. Seafood favorit saya, apa makanan lokal di Bangka Belitung? dan tolong jangan katakan padaku anggaran, karena terbatas.  8) )

The Traveller's Lounge / Need some suggestions for my trip
« on: July 09, 2013, 08:00:16 AM »
I've been thinking of visiting Indonesia later this year, and was wondering if anyone from out of the country could give me their impressions of the place in general?

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