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East Nusa Tenggara / Re: Pink Beach, Komodo National Park
« on: February 05, 2013, 09:43:43 AM »
:ngiler  ;D


For centuries Chinese communities have settled and assimilated their culture and belief with native across the archipelago. But their love of food and feast remain strong and the Chinese New Year celebration is the best time to flaunt that. From the first day (this year will be on February 10) until the fifteenth day of the New Lunar Year, you can see thousands of red lanterns, lion dances, burning incense sticks and people clad in red and golden clothes, all to show the spirit of welcoming the new zodiac. Now we take you to some great destinations where you can see the Chinese feast, Indonesian style.

The small city mostly populated by Hakka Chinese is famous for the Capgomeh, or the fifteenth day celebration. As the finale of the New Year Celebration (this year on February 24) hundreds of Tatung – men possessed by spirits of Gods- will parade the main street of Singkawang in fascinating costumes and create an eerie spectacle to remember. See locals paying homage to Gods and ancestors in the oldest temple Tri Dharma Bumi Raya. Traveling to Singkawang is easy as buses connect the city with Pontianak.

Pangkal Pinang
This might be the best time to travel to Pangkalpinang as the sight of thousands of big and small candles lit by prayers in Kwan Tie Miau, the oldest temple in Pangkalpinang will create a magical feeling. And as there is a  Chinese majority here, you can feel the ambiance of new year celebration almost in every part of the city. Lion dance performances will highlight the celebration as well as fire cracker shows.

This is the hometown of Tjong A Fie, the wealthiest Chinese in the world in early 20th century, so you can expect a grand New Year Celebration here. Stunning temples such as Setia Budi, Gunung Timur and Matreyana Cemara Asri are where worshippers come to burn incense sticks and pray for their luck in the upcoming year. Travel to Medan earlier for the Imlek Fair (Jan 25 to Feb 3) at CBD Polonia Medan.

The recent floods might effect this years celebration but worshippers will still flock Petak Sembilan temple to pray for the new year. The 17th century building is located in Glodok, a traditional enclave for Chinese from a bygone era. You can visit Pancoran market nearby to buy knick knacks imported from China. Giant malls, especially those in west and north Jakarta, offer a series of interesting events, from fireworks, food bazaars and lion dances from early February.

You’d better get here earlier as The Semawis Imlek Market is to be held from 6-8 February. Here you can enjoy local delicacies with Chinese influence, see potehi puppet shows, meet fortune tellers and join the lion dance as locals shop for decorations for the celebration. Join the crowd at Sampokong, Tay Kak Sie and Siu Hok Bio, the three best temples in Semarang.


In the forthcoming month of March, the metropolitan capital will be filled with great music when some of the world’s most renowned musicians from various genres are set to stage their stupendous shows in Jakarta.

If Guns N’ Roses, Sting, Shah Ruk Khan, and the Djakarta Warehouse Project closed  2012  in Jakarta with a truly big bang, this coming March the city will be highlighted with spectacular performances from the  Java Jazz Festival, the KBS Music Bank Tour, Adam Lambert, B1A4, to Demi Lovato.
Opening the month of March will be the undisputed biggest Jazz Festival of the world: the 9th Java Jazz Festival 2013 which will be held from 1st to 3rd March 2013 at the Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran. Featuring the finest musicians from all over the globe such as Joss Stone, Lisa Stansfield, Basia, Jimmy Clif, Phil Perry, Bob James, Fourplay, George Duke, Maurice Brown, and many others, the festival has always been an annual gathering arena for all jazz fans across the region.
At the press conference held at the Airman Planet of The Sultan Hotel in Jakarta on 30th January 2013, Eki Puradiredja, Program Director of Java Festival Production (JFP), said that beyond showcasing musical skills, the Java Jazz Festival also aims to explore the true identity of Indonesian Jazz –which is not merely a collaboration of traditional instruments.
The show will also be broadcast live worldwide via Youtube streaming. Chairman of Java Jazz Festival Production Peter F. Gontha stated that Java Jazz Festival is ranked as the 4th biggest live event streaming hit broadcast by Youtube.
Following the slew of World’s Jazz Musicians, on 9th March 2013, it will be the turn of the K-Pop troops to invade Jakarta through their KBS Music Bank World Tour. K-Pop lovers in Indonesia are in for a big treat, since the concert will feature some of the top names in K-Pop including Super Junior, SHINee, 2PM, Beast, Infinite, Sistar, Teen Top, and Eru. Promoted by Asia Top Entertainment in cooperation with Live Motion Pictures (South Korea) and Marygops Studio (Indonesia) this mega concert will take place at the Main Stadium of the Bung Karno Sports Complex.
Then, after successfully bringing Linkin Park, Roxette, Rod Steward, and Big Bang to Jakarta in previous years, BigDaddy Entertainment will also spark up the month of March with a series of concerts. Firstly, on 10th March 2013, American Idol Runner Up , Season 8, Adam Lambert, will drive the crowd to a frenzy at the Skenoo Hall Gandaria City, Jakarta, with his hits.
After that, the latest sensation in K-Pop, the boyband B1A4 will also further spread the Korean fever in Indonesia with their first ever appearance in Jakarta,to show at the Skeeno Hall Gandaria City, Jakarta, on 12th March 2013. Ticket sales will start on 3rd February 2013 with prices ranging from IDR490,000 to IDR750,000.
Wrapping up  BigDaddy’s list and the music month of March, the beautiful teenage idol  Demi Lovato, who is known for her latest hits ‘Give Your Heart A Break’ and ‘Skyscrapers’ will greet her Indonesian fans for the first time on 24 March 2013 at the Istora Senayan, at the Bung Karno Sports Complex, Jakarta.
So, whether it is for the groove of jazz, the hype of K-Pop, or just for the sheer love of music, March seems to be the perfect time to visit Jakarta.

West Papua / Re: What dive resorts offer nature trips to Wayag?
« on: February 04, 2013, 11:35:33 AM »
Hai Quero,
how about Waiwo Dive Resort, Waisai.My friend told me that the resort have a good review

South Sulawesi / Re: Island near Makassar
« on: February 04, 2013, 09:48:21 AM »
Pulau Kodingareng Keke

To get there= Getting to Kodingareng Keke Island by boat takes 30 minutes from the Losari Beach with departing from Kayu Bangkoa Wharf

But if you want to stay at island, Kapoposang island is the best choice,with full facilities from the resort

The Traveller's Lounge / Re: Welcome to Indonesia.Travel
« on: February 01, 2013, 04:15:22 PM »
wah keren nih yang pada posting di lounge :)

Calendar Event / Sail to Indonesia: Back to Down Under Rally 2013
« on: February 01, 2013, 04:10:09 PM »

Keeping up the tradition of annual international sailing events across the magnificent Indonesian Archipelago that already include:  Sail Bunaken, Sail Banda, Sail Wakatobi – Belitung, and Sail Morotai, now  complementing these,  the second Sail to Indonesia: Back to Down Under Rally 2013 will get underway from 27th August to 10th October 2013.
Sail to Indonesia: Back to Down Under Rally 2013 is also set as a continuation to the Sail Malaysia: Passage to the East which takes yachts and ships through Malaysian waters right to the doorstep of Indonesia.  The Rally also forms part of the program of cooperation among the ASEAN countries, in particular of Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.
The Rally will commence  on 27th August 2013 from Tarakan in the north of East Kalimantan and end at Labuha in North Maluku where participating yachts and ships can choose to exit Indonesia to further sail on to Papua New Guinea via Biak or to Darwin via Tual and Saumlaki.
The rally will take the course of: Tarakan- Berau- Toli-toli- Kwandang- Bitung- Morotai- Jailolo- Ternate- Gorontalo- Togean Islands- Pagimana- Banggai Islands- Labuha.

Fully supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and regional governments, the Sail to Indonesia Back to Down Under Rally 2013, is organized by Cinta Bahari Antar Nusa Foundation. Founded in 2005, the foundation is dedicated to place Indonesia on the map as the Best Marine Destination in the World with the mission to establish various Sailing Passages throughout Indonesian Waters.
Indonesia is an undiscovered center of world sailing zone, the largest archipelagic country in the world with a large variety of cultures, ethnicities and of obviously, enchanting tropical forests. As much as 70% of the country is sea filled with various fascinating underwater life. With over 17.000 islands, Indonesia  surely offers a whole lot of wonders waiting to be discovered. So, raise the anchor! Hoist the sails! And embark on a voyage to the vast blue paradise, that is Indonesia.

For more Information and Registration please log on to :


From 23rd to 24th March 2013, Bandung,  capital of West Java will become an ocean of pedals and wheels as thousands of antique bicycles gather for the “Bandoeng Laoetan Onthel” The International Classic Bicycles Festival.

Using the old Bahasa Indonesia spelling for the title of the event to match the classic ambience of the festival, “Bandoeng Laoetan Onthel” literally means:  Bandung, the Ocean of Classic Bicycles. The triennial event will showcase a massive collection of classic bicycles from all over Indonesia and abroad. As in previous festivals in 2007 and 2010, this year’s festivities will also be highlighted with a number of activities such as classic bicycles freestyle race, city tour and parade, entertainment stages, and various traditional Sundanese art performances.

Aside from participated by numerous classic bikers clubs from all over Indonesia, the event will also be attended by classic bicycles collectors and experts Andre Koopmans, Jos Rietveld, and Theo de Kogel from the Netherlands, Colin Kirsch from the United Kingdom, and the entourage of  Kelab Basikal Tua Classic Bicycles Club from Malaysia. 

Presented and organized by Paguyuban Sapedah Baheula Bandoeng West Java Indonesia (Classic Bicycles Association of Bandung, West Java, Indonesia) the event is not only intended as a gathering arena where classic bike enthusiasts from all over the archipelago can meet and interact, but  the event moreover aims to promote cycling as a lifestyle for the general public. In a world of modern transport filled and motorized vehicles that emit all kinds of pollutions, bicycles are considered as the perfect mode of transportation that are not only eco-friendly but also promote health.

The past Bandoeng Laoetan Onthell 2010 was attended by over 5.000 “Onthelists” from all over the archipelago and abroad. This year, the number is expected to grow as more and more people are taking an interest in classical bicycles. Held only once in three years, the event is certainly something that you cannot afford to miss
More Information available at:

sebetulnya sudah ada sih travel blog agregator indonesia

Indonesia Travel Blogging Community / Re:
« on: February 01, 2013, 03:54:27 PM »
keren ini

Tour & Travel Package / Re: Adventure Raja Ampat 5 Hari 4 Malam
« on: February 01, 2013, 03:10:48 PM »
mudah2an tahun ini jadi :)

Central Java / Re: Karimunjawa, Beyond the Average
« on: February 01, 2013, 03:07:28 PM »
ke Karimun Jawa mah wajib..:)

Bali / Re: Bali’s five best beach bars By Elissa Richard
« on: February 01, 2013, 03:07:03 PM »
super awesome


This November, the finest of Indonesia’s jewelry will be on display at the Mutumanikam Nusantara Indonesia Jewelry Exhibition 2013 held in the Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta.

For, aside from its fascinating landscapes, the beauty of Indonesia’s nature can be found deep within its earth in the form of stones and gems. The delicate hands of Indonesia’s finest craftsmen turn these treasures into some of the most beautiful and precious jewelry

Diverse collections of South Sea pearls, gold, silver, natural stones and gems encrusted in brooches, bracelets, rings, earrings, and other forms of jewelry will be exhibited in the most exquisite ways to indulge jewelry enthusiasts, who are mostly women. The exhibition will also feature a talk show, jewelry design contest, and door prizes contests.

The exhibition is organized by Mutumanikam Nusantara, an organization dedicated to develop and enhance the jewelry industry in Indonesia.Initiated by First Lady Ani Bambang Yudhoyono, Mutumanikam Nusantara strives to develop not only large and medium scale enterprises but also small industries through research and training aimed at boosting the reputation of Indonesian jewelry and craftsmanship at national and international level.

Mutumanikam Nusantara has established a network among jewelry lovers and craftsmen all over Indonesia. It also serve as a forum to share and exchange information about the ins and outs in the world of jewelry, such as jewelry maintenance, materials of the jewelry, and their origins.

Mutumanikam Nusantara Indonesia Jewelry Exhibition 2013 is intended take Indonesian jewelry all the way through to international recognition and boost the reputation of Indonesian artisans worldwide. Being the ultimate jewelry event of the country, Mutumanikam Nusantara Indonesia Jewelry Exhibition 2013 is certainly the best opportunity to witness the richness of Indonesia’s natural treasures.

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