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West Papua / Re: Whaleshark in Nabire, West Papua.
« on: June 19, 2013, 04:27:47 PM »
How about this site

Greetings Mam/Sir, We're currently having a hard time for us to find a place to stay in Manado. I was wondering if you could help us find a cheap place to stay that can house 33 people because we keep finding expensive hotels some are cheap but can only accommodate 2 people per room. Can you suggest a place for us to stay in which food and transportation is also included and can allow 4 or 5 people per room or a inn or dormitory or a house that we can rent but for a very cheap price. Our choir is planning to join the 3rd Asia Pacific Choir Games which will be held in Manado on October, We would really appreciate it if you could help us out. Thank you! We look forward to your reply, Best Regards Kamil Olarte slugleeclub13(at)

Being in an emergency situation inside the cabin of an aircraft at 8,000 feet is probably something that you don't even want to imagine. But if such situation occurs anyway, you would probably feel better knowing what was going on and what the airline crew will do to help the situation.
Sudirman Riyanto, Garuda Indonesia's VP Corporate Quality, Safety and Environment Management, talked to The Jakarta Post Travel about what to expect from airline safety.

1.Hand-held fire extinguishers are available in the aircraft, which is probably the most serious in-flight emergency. In an Airbus cabin, all lavatories and crew rest areas have smoke detectors and automatic fire extinguishers. The cabin crew is trained to react immediately to smoke detector alerts.

2.Drop-out or portable oxygen systems are ready to be used if the plane experiences a sudden decompression due to a loss of cabin pressure. Most commercial aircraft are pressurized. If cabin pressure is lost when altitude is above 14,000 feet, compartments containing oxygen masks open and masks drop down in front of passengers. In this rare event, pilots are trained to guide the aircraft to a safe and breathable altitude as quickly as possible.

3.Available on most aircraft, a slide can inflate to evacuate passengers if the plane have to make an emergency landing on land. The same device can act as a life raft if the landing is on water. All rafts are equipped with a survival kit (such as locator light, distress flares, flotation devices, an emergency radio, an ELT [Emergency Locator Transmitter] and an erectable canopy to protect passengers from heat and rain. The canopy can also be used to catch rain water to drink later. Small airplanes such as B737 series and CRJ1000 are equipped with 2 or 3 life rafts - each can hold 60 to 80 passengers and they are strong enough to withstand waves and storms.

4.Cockpit and cabin crew are always 'fit to fly'. They have received training to handle all emergencies. Every year, they have to pass medical examination and competence tests before being permitted to go to work. Competences include procedures for emergency landing, handling in-flight fires and performing CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) as a first aid technique if there are no doctors or paramedics among the passengers. Joint trainingswith pilots are also held.

5.Aircraft always fly in routes called airways which are corridors connecting one CTA (Control Area or airspace) with another. This increases the effectiveness of navigation devices and air traffic can be managed more easily, preventing accidents. Flying in airways mean your flight will be constantly monitored.

6.All pilots – captains and co-pilots - are required to comply with a course called 'Pilot Incapacitation' during their initial and recurrent training. This particular course allows them to handle or control the plane until it can land safely if the other pilot is unable to continue his/her duty because of a heart attack, loss of consciousness or other reasons.

7.Garuda Indonesia's aircraft are equipped with advanced technologies such as high tech navigation tools (IRS, GPS, FMS), new digital communication tools called CPDLC (Controller–pilot data link communication), a new radar that can detect windshear, Terrain Awareness to measure the height of elevated landscape and give warnings, TCAS (Traffic collision avoidance system) to detect other planes around and ADS-B (Automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast) that enable pilots and air traffic controllers to see the same radar picture which makes flying significantly safer.


Dear all,
Untuk menambahkan dftar EO di seluruh Indonesia di website dipersilahkan posting di thread ini dengan format :

Nama EO : wajib diisi
Fax : optional
Telp : wajib diisi
Email : wajib diisi
Website : optional
Alamat : wajib diisi
Logo Perusahaan : Wajib diisi
Deskripsi singkat : (ditulis dalam dua bahasa Indonesia dan Inggris )



On Saturday, 23 March,  Jakarta’s iconic city center around the Hotel Indonesia roundabout plunged into darkness at 20.30 hrs. West Indonesia Time, supporting the Earth Hour campaign, followed by 150 countries in the world including more than 30 cities in Indonesia.
Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Grand Hyatt, the BCA tower and all highrise office towers and hotels in Jakarta’s business district along the wide Sudirman,Thamrin, Gatot Subroto and Rasuna Said avenues turned off  their lights for one hour as were street lights  and advertising boards along Jakarta’s main avenues, the National Monument, the Governor’s Building and city monuments, participating mall in Jakarta included Mal Central Park, who saved 215 kilowatts of  energy.
Earth Hour, initiated by the World Wildlife Fund in 2007 and followed by Jakarta since 2009, is the capital city’s commitment to commence with a lifestyle that is environment friendly, ensuring the sustainability of the earth.
Governor of Jakarta, Joko Widodo, switching on the city lights at 21.30 hrs, said that as Earth Hour is a campaign to save precious energy, we in Jakarta must begin with ensuring the operation of more green buildings and eco-buildings.
In this context, WWF Indonesia Program Director for Climate and Energy, Nyoman Iswaryoga said that saving energy is important since earth’s fossil fuel, on which much of the world relies on, is running out. Saving energy can start with the most simple daily act, namely that of switching off unnecessary lights.
Manager of the national power company, PLN, for Jakarta and Tangerang Distribution, Bimo Samudro, said that during Earth Hour, Jakarta saved 236 megawatts of electricity, equal to Rp. 260 million, which improved compared to last year’s saving of 214 megawatts of power.
30 Participating cities in Indonesia  included the Greater Jakarta area of Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi, and cities from  Banda Aceh, to Medan, Pekanbaru, Bandung, Cimahi, Semarang, Solo, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Malang, Kota Batu, Sidoarjo, Kediri, Gresik, Lamongan, Bojonegoro, Denpasar, Pontianak, Palangkaraya, Banjarmasin, Balikpapan, Samarinda, Sangatta, Tarakan, Kotamobagu, Sorowako, and Makassar.

Tour & Travel Listing / Listing Tourism operators
« on: March 08, 2013, 11:37:29 AM »
Dear Indonesia travellers,untuk Anda yang berkeinginan listing tourism operators-nya di web dipersilahkan untuk mengisi data perusahaannya dengan format

Nama Perusahaan : wajib diisi
Alamat : wajib diisi
Telepon : wajib diisi
Email : wajib diisi
Website : optional
Alamat : wajib diisi
Deskripsi Singkat Perusahaan :dalam dua bahasa Indonesia dan Inggris

Di posting dibawah ini tanpa quote dari postingan ini

Terima Kasih

Hotel Listings / Mendaftarkan hotel di website
« on: March 08, 2013, 11:05:17 AM »
Dear all,
Untuk menambahkan hotel di seluruh Indonesia di website dipersilahkan posting di thread ini dengan format :

Nama hotel : wajib diisi
Fax : optional
Telp : wajib diisi
Email : wajib diisi
Website : optional
Alamat/Address : wajib diisi
Deskripsi singkat/Description : (ditulis dalam dua bahasa Indonesia dan Inggris )


Calendar Event / The 9th Annual JAVA JAZZ FESTIVAL 2013
« on: January 22, 2013, 04:54:06 PM »

Returning for its 9th edition, the biggest Jazz Festival and one of the largest musical events in the world: the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2013 will take on Indonesia’s capital city by storm from  1st  to 3rd  March 2013 to be staged at  the Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, Jakarta.

This year the festival will be expanded, crossing the borders of countries, being held simultaneously in neighboring Singapore, making it a truly special joint attraction of the ASEAN region.  A number of artists will appear in both cities, ensuring that the schedule of celebrities will not clash thanks to the proximity of Singapore and Jakarta.

As in previous years, the festival will be filled with some of the world’s most prominent Jazz musicians. With over 350 performers –and counting, -   this year’s  Java Jazz Festival will feature special shows from three exceptional ladies,  namely British legendary singer Lisa Stansfield,  soulful Joss Stone, and  emerging superstar Basia.

Completing the line up are some of the world’s renowned musicians like: Gregory Porter, Wouter Hamel, The Soul Rebel, Balance and The Traveling Sounds, Bob James, Brian Simpson, Butterscotch, Chucho Valdes, Chuck Loeb, David Helbock. Eldar Djangirov, Emily Elbert, Fernandez4, Fourplay, George Duke & Stanley Clarke, James Carter Organ Trio, Jose James, Mellow Motif, Miles Smiles feat. Larry Coryell, Joey DeFrancesco, Omar Hakim, Daryll Jones, Rick Margitza, New York Voices, Phil Perry, Roberta Gambarini, Roy Hargrove Quintet, Roy Hargrove RH Factor, Spyro Gyra, and The Kenny Garrett Quintet.

As always, Java Jazz Festival is also the stage to showcase Indonesia’s own finest talents. Although the list is still not final,  Indonesian artists that are projected to perform are:  BubuGiri, Agnes Monica, Aksan Sjuman, Andien, Bandanaira, Benny Likumahuwa Jazz Connection, Benny Mustafa, Bintang Indrianto, BLP Tribute to Weather Report, Calvin Jeremy, Chaque Mate, Cindy Bernadette with Oele Pattiselano, Dewa Budjana, Dewi Sandra, Donny Koeswinarno Quintet, Dwiki Dharmawan, Flamenco Jazz Yeppie Romero & Nitha Aartsen, Glen Dauna-Jimmy Hendrix Experience, Idang Rasjidi Syndicate, Indra Lesmana-LLW, Ligro Trio, Matthew Sayersz, Titi DJ and Indra Lesmana- The Lady Sings The Blues, Tjut Nyak Deviana, Tohpati, and Tulus.

Preceding the event and in order to spread the hype the mood of the Jakarta International Djarum Super Java Jazz Festival 2013, the organizers will launch the Djarum Super Mild Java Jazz on the Move (JJOTM) in several malls and cafes across Jakarta. The JJOTM will be held on the third week of January 2013 at the Sumarecon Mall Serpong, Black Cat Jazz&Blues Club, Margo City Depok, Puri Mall, and Supermall Karawaci.

As the lineup gets more and more impressive each year, Indonesia firmly establishes itself on the world music map. Transforming Jakarta into the Capital of Jazz, the Java Jazz Festival is constantly committed to promote Indonesia through music, making it a true Mecca of Jazz. As the stages are being set up, and more artists are filling the lineup, bear in mind that this spectacular music scene only comes once a year. So be sure to be there!

More information and ticket reservation available at:


From 7th to 8th May 2013, the inaugural Indonesia Hospitality and Tourism Investment Conference 2013 will be held at the Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place, Jakarta.
The first edition of many for the years to come, the Indonesia Hospitality & Tourism Investment Conference (IHT), promises a great conference for delegates to acquire market insights, seek business opportunities and ideas, showcase products, as well as to connect with CEOs and leaders essential for the future of hospitality and tourism related businesses. The event will provide the perfect opportunity for all the investors and stakeholders of hospitality industry including hotel owners, hotel management companies, government agencies, equity investors, bankers, financers, legal advisors, real estate developers, architects/designers and planners, and professional advisors (Consultants and suppliers) to convene and create a beneficial network.
The program will feature decision-makers and senior executives in the tourism and lodging sector from both the public and private sector with an interest in Indonesia, currently the hottest investment market in Southeast Asia. During the course of the conference, delegates will get to learn about the latest industry trends and best practices as well as meet and greet industry movers and shakers.

Among some of the highlighted issues of the conference are:
•    Hotel and Tourism Investment Opportunities in the World's Largest Archipelago
•    Insights on Exponential Growth Opportunities for your Companies
•    Spotting the Market Trends and Capitalise on the Untapped Domestic Markets
•    Sources of Financing (Domestic and International) for Your Investments and Developments
•    Ways a Hotel Owner or Developer could Optimise Hotel Profitability and Investment Returns
•    Learn the Tourism Master Plans and Secure Strategic Market Position

IHT is organized by HVS (initially known as Hospitality Valuation Services), the leading hospitality investment consulting firm globally and co-hosted by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM). Key Patron Supporters of IHT are Indonesia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Germany Austria and Switzerland Committee (KIKJAS), the Indonesia Tourism Promotion Board and the Indonesia Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI).

Rich in natural resources and experiencing an era of dynamic economic progress, Indonesia is a market not to be missed. Tourism arrival is expected to increase from the current 250 million to an estimated 400 million by 2022, reflecting an estimated five percent annual growth. An additional 100,000 guestrooms will be required, translating to an estimated 700 to 800 hotels to be built in the next decade, creating tremendous opportunities for developers, investors, financiers, hotel management groups, airlines companies, travel agencies, consultancies and other stakeholders. Given these golden opportunities to invest in Indonesia’s hospitality and Tourism industries, the two-day event is not to be missed as both an annual networking and educational platform.

More Information available at:
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The entire island of Bali will be gaily decorated and festive activities held across the island from 27th March to 6th April 2013, when the Balinese celebrate the religious festivals of Galungan and its pinnacle, Kuningan, concetrated on Bali's many temples, including the island's mother temple, Pura Besakih.
Celebrated every 210 days according to the Hindu Saka Calendar, Galungan symbolizes the victory of Dharma over Adharma or virtue over evil which has its origin in the mythology of “Mayadenawa”. It is believed that during the ten days of Galungan, all the gods, as well as the supreme deity Sanghyang Widi, will come down to earth and join the festivities. The Balinese also believe that the spirit of ancestors and deceased relatives return to visit their homes, thus various rituals and offerings are conducted to welcome them.
During the festival, the whole island sprouts tall bamboo poles called "penjor" – that are usually decorated with fruit, coconut leaves, and flowers, and set up on the right of the entrance of every home. At each gate, one will also find small bamboo altars set up especially for the holiday, each one bearing woven palm-leaf offerings for the spirits.
The festival is preceded by several days of preparations which begin three days before the festival, and is called “Penyekeban”. Literally meaning “the day to cover”, Penyekaban marks the preparations for Galungan where families cover green un-ripe bananas in huge clay pots to speed up the ripening process. The second day is called “Penyajahan” which marks a time of introspection for the Balinese, and more prosaically, a time to make Balinese cakes known as jaja. These colored cakes are made from fried rice dough and are used in offerings, and are also eaten specially on Galungan. The last day of preparation is called “Penampahan” or slaughtering day. On this day, Balinese slaughter the sacrificial animals which will be used in the rituals.
During Galungan, a ceremony known as Ngelawang is performed in every village. Ngelawang is a ritual to expel evil and any negative spirits, which is performed by a "barong" - a divine protector in the form of a mythical beast. The barong is invited into houses as he makes his way through the village. His presence is meant to restore the balance of good and evil in the house. The residents of the house will pray before the dancing barong, who will afterwards give a piece of his fur as keepsake.
The last and a pinnacle to the ten day festival is called Kuningan. It is believed that on this particular day, the supreme god Sang Hyang Widi descends to earth to give blessing for all the people. As closure to the series of Galungan rituals, Kuningan also marks the return of all the gods and ancestors to their own realm.
As one of the most important religious activities on the island, Galungan provides the best opportunity to observe the most fascinating part of Bali’s unique culture. A visit to Bali during the festival will surely be a treat for all the senses.
More information available at:


From 20th to 24th March 2013, the tranquil town of Ubud in the cultural heart of Bali will once again be filled with worldwide spirituality as the Bali Spirit Festival 2013 gets underway. As the event celebrates its sixth year of existence, news of its magic has reached around the world. Not only does the Festival bring together celebrated musicians, yogis and dancers from every continent, but it has also become a magnet for fans, students and followers of every calling.

Set in the spectacular grounds of the Purnati Center for the Arts in Batuan, just 10 minutes south of Ubud, the daytime workshops and Dharma Fair will enjoy a venue unmatched for its tropical beauty and gentle energy. The global music concerts will take place in Ubud, at the Agung Rai Museum of Art's (ARMA) outdoor stage, to allow easy access for visitors and locals.

Featuring top international yoga and dance instructors by day and exciting world musicians after dark, the Bali Spirit Festival is a spiritually charged event that celebrates yoga, dance and music and the merging of East with Western cultures through the arts.

This year’s music and Bhakti music lineup includes:  Nahko&Medicine for the People, Rupa&the April Fishes, Noam Blat, Igor Olivier Ezendam, Dustin Thomas, Filastine, Susu Ibu, Kryasta Guna Gamelan, Dave Stringer, Punnu Wasu, Sacred Earth, and Daphne Tse. For the yoga sessions, the festival will feature some of the world’s prominent names such as Simon Low, Danny Paradise, Les Leventhal, Judy Krupp, John Oglivie, Nadine McNeil, Justin Caruso, Simon Park, Lynn Yeo, Louisa Sear, Prem Carlisi, Michiko Minegishi, Anastasis, Denise Payne, and many others.

Personalities leading meditation, conscious movement, and health &healing are: Yogacharya Ananda, Indra Widjanarko, Satyadharma Saraswati, Vinn Marti, Sarina Jain, Shamir Chadha, Awahoshi Kavan, Ellen Watson, Satya Burger, Hillary Hitt, Daniel Aaron, John Wong, and Jamie Catto. The festival will also feature the Brazilian martial arts of Capoeira by Graduado Nako and Art installations by Indonesia’s own Made Muliana Bayak.

Adhering to the spirit of ancient Balinese wisdom  of Tri Hita Karana, meaning  harmony with God above, harmony with the community, and harmony with nature, the Bali Spirit Festival awakens and nourishes each individual’s potential for positive change within, leading to positive change in homes, in communities, and ultimately in global societies around the world.

The Bali Spirit Festival is indeed a celebration of the richness of culture, the sanctity of the environment and harmony between peoples of all nations. Be there! Take part in this special celebration and in doing so make the world a better place.

More Information at:
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Calendar Event / Hospitality Investment World 2013
« on: January 22, 2013, 04:09:31 PM »

Addressing various important issues of tourism and hospitality in a three days conference, from 18th to 20th March 2013, the 2nd Annual Hospitality Investment World Indonesia will be held at the Pullman Central Park, Jakarta.

The Hospitality Investment World (HIW) Indonesia 2013 will bring together investors, property developers and hospitality operators to discuss tourism real estate investment strategies aimed at capitalizing on the robust economic growth and political stability in Indonesia, Southeast Asia’s largest economy. Throughout the conference, investors will be looking to help organizations overcome their challenges, enhance, develop and implement their new strategies.

The event will feature some of the most prominent hospitality figures in the region including: Ghaurav Bhushan, Accor’s Chief Development & Investment Officer Asia Pacific; Budi Tirtawisata, Group Chief Executive Officer Panorama Group; Mark A Edleson, President Alila Hotels&Resorts; Marc Steinmeiyer, President Director Tauzia Hotel Management; Abid Butt, Chief Executive Officer Banyan Tree Hotels&Resorts; John Berndt, Managing Director of Potato Head Club Indonesia; Erastus Radjimin, Chief Executive Officer Artotel Indonesia; and Bob East, Chief Executive Officer Mantra Group.

The conference will focus on several issues, including:
•         - Identifying new tourism destinations and hotel investment opportunities in Indonesia
•         - Capturing value-conscious domestic travelers in the economy and limited service sector
•         - Optimizing distribution channels to maximize online exposure and boost market share
•         - Leveraging business intelligence to optimize revenue management forecasts and pricing decision making
•         - Building eco-friendly hotels at an optimal cost
•         - How to attract lenders’ interest and secure funding for development or acquisition financing
•         - Are there still opportunities for new hotel developments in Bali?
•         - Rise of design driven Indonesia hotel brands
•         - Improving profitability in spa operations in hotels and resorts
•         - Indonesia’s secondary and tertiary cities – where are the growth opportunities and potential risks
•         - Expanding air connectivity throughout Indonesia to boost tourism

For more information and registration, please visit:

For the first time ever, the island of Bintan in Indonesia will host the opening leg of the Asian Championship Tour – Kiteboard Tour Asia (KTA)  2013. The event takes place from 20th to 24th February 2013 at the Agro Beach Resort on Bintan in the Riau Archipelago.

The Kiteboard Tour Asia (KTA) is organized by the International Kiteboarding Class Association and the KTA under the auspices of the Indonesian Sailing Federation in association with the Government of Bintan Regency and Agro Beach Resort.

The Event includes the following Disciplines, Divisions and Grades, namely :  Course Racing Men, Course Racing Women, Twin Tip Racing Men, Twin Tip Racing Women, Freestyle Men, and Freestyle Women. With a total prize of equipment equivalent to USD 15,000.0 the event will also be graded by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) in accordance to ISAF regulations.

Situated less than an hour away via comfortable catamarans from the neighboring country of Singapore, Bintan Resorts is located on the largest of Indonesia's enchanting Riau islands. A spectacular beach holiday destination in the north of the island that covers no less than 23,000 hectares along the entire sandy white coast facing the South China Sea, Bintan offers plenty of exciting experiences for watersports and adventure enthusiasts.

The island is also decorated with fascinating heritage remnants on Penyengat Island and in Tanjung Pinang. While further north east, the Anambas Islands beckon with pristine dive sites filled with amazing sea creatures and underwater life.   

Bintan hosts many International events per year including 2 iron man competitions and the Tour De Bintan so that they are well equipped and experienced in handling more than its fair share of international athletic events each year.

For more information and registration, visit:
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Calendar Event / Extraordinary Cap Go Meh Festivities in Singkawang
« on: January 22, 2013, 03:02:15 PM »

The 15th day of the Lunar New Year, or better known here as “Cap Go Meh”, forms the highlight of any Chinese New Year celebrations in Indonesia. This is most elaborately held in areas with a large ethnic Chinese population such as in West Kalimantan, Bangka-Belitung and Palembang or in the Chinatowns of Semarang, Surabaya, Jakarta, Bandung, Manado and Medan.

In West Kalimantan, the Cap Go Meh, which this year falls on 24th February 2013, will be celebrated with a vibrant festival in the exotic city of Singkawang. 

More than one month before the event, hotels in the city already report full bookings.

Known for its production of fine Chinese ceramics, Singkawang, known for its hundreds of Chinese temples, will have a lantern parade that will take place on the eve of the Cap Go Meh celebrations.  As always, the peak of the festival and of the entire New Year series of celebrations will be highlighted with the parade of the ancient art of Tatung.

Intended to repel misfortunes for the rest of the year, Tatung is the principle medium of the Cap Go Meh ritual to reject evil spirits. During the Tatung rituals, its participants will enter into a trance and perform many unbelievable stunts, such as stepping on a sword, or sticking steel wires or nails into their cheeks. It is quite unbelievable to see that despite such torture, the Tatungs are not wounded or even scarred.

This year, over 750 participants are projected to take part in the ritual. The Tatung Parade will commence from Kridasana stadium at the Gusti Sulung Lelanang Street, then move on to the Diponegoro Street, Niaga Street, Setia Budi Street, and will finish at the front of the altar near the dragon statue at Niaga Street.

Celebrated annually on the 15 day of the Chinese Year, Cap Go Meh literally translated means the 15th night, on which the first full moon of the year occurs. As the pinnacle of the entire Chinese New Year Celebrations, this truly amazing cultural event is surely worth traveling for, to watch and experience first hand.

For more Information, check: ,


Complementing the ever extraordinary celebrations of Cap Go Meh – the 15th day of the Chinese New Year - the Tour D’Khatulistiwa, an international cycling event will take place crossing the Equator in the province of West Kalimantan. The race will start from the city of Pontianak which is crossed by the Equator, leading to the exotic town of Singkawang, the event to be held from 21st to 25th February 2013. Khatulistiwa is Bahasa Indonesian for the Equator.

This special sports event will be participated by 300 sports men and women from the ten ASEAN countries comprising Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines and Vietnam. Also participating are Timor Leste, and also China. 

Initiated by the Coordinating Ministry for People’s Welfare and fully supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tour D’Khatulistiwa consists of two main events: the Pontianak City Road Race and the Singkawang Endurance Challenge.

The Pontianak City Road Race is a 4.2 Km circuit race which will be held on 22nd February 2013. The race will take place in the main streets of Pontianak which follows the course of Jalan Diponegoro - Jalan Gajah Mada - Jalan Pahlawan – Jalan Tanjung Pura - and back to Jalan Diponegoro.

The Road Race is divided into several categories: Master A (Participants’ age ranging between 30 to 39: 12 laps race), Master B (Participants’ age ranging between 40 to 49 years: 10 laps race), Master C (Participants’ age above 50 years: 8 laps race), Master Expert (Former athletes only with age ranging above 35; 10 laps race), and Men open (Open for athletes and non-athletes above 17 years old; 10 laps race). The winners will be awarded a trophy from the Coordinating Ministry for People’s Welfare and cash prizes with the total of IDR500, 000,000.
The Singkawang Endurance Challenge is a 153Km single stage Endurance Cycling Challenge consisting of four check points which will take cyclists from Pontianak to Singkawang. The first leg of the endurance challenge takes cyclist on a 42Km ride from Pontianak to the first check point at Peniti , followed by the 43Km second leg from Peniti to Mempawah, the second check point. The third leg is a 36Km race from Mempawah to Sungai Duri (the third check point), followed by the 32Km final leg from Sungai Duri to the finish line in Singkawang.

Aside from the main race events, there will also be musical performances and other folk art performances provided for the audience. There will be a series of social activities and movements including the tree planting movement which will be led by the Solidaritas Istri Kabinet Indonesia Bersatu (SIKIB) or the association of Cabinet Ministers wives  at several locations along the Tour D’Khatulistiwa course.

The Coordinating Minister for People’s Wellfare, Agung Laksono, The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Mari Elka Pangestu, and newly appointed Minister of Youth and Sports, Roy Suryo, are expected to attend this event.

More Information available at:
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