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West Java / Visiting Gunung Gede National Park in May
« on: February 15, 2013, 10:46:55 PM »
Hi all,  I need lots of advice please.  My husband and I (retired) are spending time in Java after visiting family in Australia.  I thought we could fly into Jakarta then travel to Gunung Gede and stay in the area for about a week to see as much 'flora & fauna' as possible.  We are not experienced travellers.
Please advise on: best method to travel there; accommodation in the park; permit costs and time length; the requirement to have a guide and/or porter.

I'm imagining we would hire a car to get there, stay in the park (not camping) having got a week's permit. Perhaps hike to both peaks (not on consecutive days), potter around bird watching etc.

The other question is: what innoculations should we have, what is the malaria/denge fever risks, etc?
Thanks to all who take the time....

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