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The Traveller's Lounge / Re: Travelling for work
« Last post by bagpacker on Today at 09:09:01 AM »
You know with sim cards and plans you get what you pay for.
There really is no way around it.
Even id it's a steal it might just be exactly what you paid for!
The Traveller's Lounge / Re: Choosing SIM cards!?
« Last post by dimatomatte on Today at 08:26:53 AM »
I think you should do a survey of all the options that you have before you jump into anything.
But I live and work in KL. And for the past year I've been using celcom and its pretty awsome.
No problems so far and they have great plans like this one:

This pulsajutawaan plan gets you free calls, free smses and amazing data.
So I hope this helps.
The Traveller's Lounge / Re: Travelling for work
« Last post by LoneWanderer on Today at 05:58:45 AM »
Hey there!
Yes actually I travel to Sarawak a lot as well for work.
My family is here in Jakarta. And I use Celcom's jutawaanpulsa packet and it's really good.
I would recommend it. Having said that do your research about other telco just to compare prices and stuff. But honestly this is the best in my case.
I'm attaching the package I use so you can have a look.

I really hope this helps. Because it's been helping me keep in touch with para familia.
The Traveller's Lounge / Re: Choosing SIM cards!?
« Last post by ariedanto on Today at 03:31:02 AM »
If you're looking for a good plan with stable connection you should pay for it.
If you don't mind paying for a good plan then you'll definitely get the good stuff.
If not then well... you won't find a plan with great benefits for a good price, there's always a catch.
Calendar Event / Celebrate Your Christmas with Arumdalu Private Resort
« Last post by mivtah23 on December 22, 2014, 04:37:55 PM »

The magic of Christmas never ends and the greatest of gifts is family and friends. Enjoy your Christmas dinner with your family and friends in Arumdalu Private Resort. Come and join us for our very first time Christmas dinner party with “Tropical Christmas” concept.

When   : 25th December 2014
Time   : 18:00-21:00
Where  : Arumdalu Private Resort, Belitung, Indonesia

For the very first time, Arumdalu Private Resort proudly presents "Tropical Christmas Dinner Party" for our lovely guest at our famous Sahang beachfront café and resto. We are offering 3 courses fine dining Christmas meal with overflowing exciting snack corner, and making it more special, a total Christmas decoration all over the resorts. Believe us, you will love it!
So, wait no longer, come and join us for this unforgettable Christmas celebration.

Email :
Phone: +6281 9494 30545, +6281 6807 389 or +6281 9276 07626
DKI Jakarta / Re: Places I personally like in Jakarta
« Last post by zoedoank on December 22, 2014, 09:04:57 AM »
Places I personally like in Jakarta and info on transport (DAMRI airport bus and TransJakarta):

Or maybe you try the "KOTA TUA"
there have some beautiful old building. Anyway, if you try to go there plaese dont visit on weekend. cause too many people there.. #JustInfo
DKI Jakarta / Re: Akhirnya ke Kepulauan Seribu
« Last post by zoedoank on December 22, 2014, 09:00:57 AM »
Wah.. saya juga sempat kmaren liburan sama temen2 ke pulau pari! Sumph keren banget.. Pas banget buat yg gak punya waktu berlibur ke tempat yg bagus.. Cuma butuh waktu 2 jam dari muara angke kita udah bisa nikmati ke indahan pantai yg luar biasa.

North Sumatra / Re: The Incredible Lake Toba
« Last post by zoedoank on December 22, 2014, 08:51:56 AM »
This is the best lake I have been! Beautiful.
North Sumatra / Bukit Lawang Hotel Information
« Last post by zoedoank on December 22, 2014, 08:49:03 AM »
Welcome to Bukit Lawang. This website is developed in conjunction with the jungle guides of Bukit Lawang, in order to provide a booking service for jungle treks, accommodation and other activities in Bukit Lawang, North Sumatra, Indonesia. We also have information on flights, food, and other information about Bukit Lawang.

Bukit Lawang is a popular tourist destination located on the edge of the Gunung Leuser National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site home to numerous bird, plan and mammal species, most famously the Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii), which can be seen in the jungle in Bukit Lawang as well as at the daily feedings.

If you try to find a accommodation/bungalow in bukit lawang you can cek on this site ( This have bukit lawang hotel directory and also have a travel information.. Just Sign Up now :)
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