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Bali / Tips on choosing a cheap hotel in Bali
« Last post by agusn on September 24, 2014, 11:21:32 PM »
Bali is one of the world's most favorite tourist destinations. Bali is known as the island of a thousand temples, has become a major destination for prospective tourists both local and foreign tourists who will perform a holiday. As one of the favorite tourist spot of Bali has been equipped with various facilities and infrastructure that can help the tourists to meet all their needs during a holiday in Bali. One of the most vital needs for the tourists is the need for a means of lodging / hotels are comfortable and adequate.

Hotels in Bali have been progressing quite rapidly due to rising levels of tourists visiting Bali. All means of accommodation in Bali to be addressed and classified in accordance with the level of facilities and services that are owned by one - each hotel.

Here are tips on choosing cheap hotels in Kuta Bali

Check beforehand to agencies or the property itself on the duration of the offer. Many accommodations such as apartments, villas and hotels that have a minimum time limit for rent. Jelly chooses hotel rooms, etc... In addition, the minimum amount of time is very diverse, from the minimum lease a week, a month there is also a one year.

Choose a convenient location (close to the crowd and of course close to Kuta beach), so if you want to go to the beach or in the crowded center of Kuta, you can walk or destination tourist place your

Booking early
To get the price and also the most appropriate locations such as cheap accommodation and close to tourist sites, it is very important for you to make a booking as soon as possible. In addition, usually there is a discount booking in advance, so they can get a cheap hotel accommodation in Bali.

Room Info
Find out how many hotel room / bedroom and bed are in the hotel, apartment or villa, before you deposit a down payment. Do not just believe by looking at the photos of the place, especially if you are not familiar with renting a villa or an apartment. In addition, do not directly choose the origin and cheap hotel rooms. Since it is very difficult to get an idea of the breadth of the place only from photographs alone.

Read Small Posts
To ensure that your holiday does not become a nightmare, make sure you read all the posts, no matter how small is it, which is listed in the rental contract. You better read all the hassles of the text contained in the contract, rather than bother you in the middle of the show to enjoy the holiday. It may be that we assume a cheap lodging but in fact many other posts unread.

Plan Ahead
If going to explore the city itself, make sure you do some research beforehand. Get all the information and contact phone number of the restaurant, museum, or other tourist places in the Kuta area. Do not just choose the hotel accommodation is not cheap but good service. In addition, of course, do not forget to bring your magazine as your amusement
Bali / Re: Bali’s five best beach bars By Elissa Richard
« Last post by hanleebatik on September 23, 2014, 09:34:09 PM »
wow, really awesome, make me want to go there
The Traveller's Lounge / Re: Tips Memilih Hotel
« Last post by travelhemat on September 23, 2014, 06:08:45 PM »
nice info bro, ijin bookmark
Bali / Re: Where else should I go in Bali?
« Last post by travelhemat on September 22, 2014, 05:37:45 PM »
East Nusa Tenggara / Re: Pink Beach, Komodo National Park
« Last post by travelhemat on September 22, 2014, 05:36:31 PM »
Central Java / Re: Karimunjawa, Beyond the Average
« Last post by travelhemat on September 22, 2014, 05:34:52 PM »
pingin kesanan tp masih bentrok sama jadwal kerjaan

Tips & Trik Traveling - Tiket Pesawat Murah - Hotel Murah
The Traveller's Lounge / Re: share indonesia hidden paradise menurut anda
« Last post by travelhemat on September 22, 2014, 05:33:24 PM »
ada di pulau seram, ora beach CMIIW
Bali / Re: Bali’s five best beach bars By Elissa Richard
« Last post by travelhemat on September 22, 2014, 05:32:15 PM »
enaknya pas bulan madu nih..hehehe
The Traveller's Lounge / Re: Welcome to Indonesia.Travel
« Last post by travelhemat on September 22, 2014, 05:07:48 PM »
salam kenal semua  :D
East Java / Re: Wonderful East Java
« Last post by Efendi on September 22, 2014, 04:38:46 PM »

1. Pantai Klayar
2. Banyu Tibo

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