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Borobudur : Keajaiban Warisan Sejarah Indonesia

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MesaStila Wellness Retreat & Spa 5 star(s)

MesaStila is a luxury wellness retreat and spa that incorporates an unparalleled collection of remarkable antiques and enchanting buildings; including a Colonial-era railway station; historic Joglo-villas; the former residence of a Javanese Prince, and the original plantation owner’s house from 1928.


The property has twenty-three unique heritage villas set within an area of twenty-two hectares of outstanding natural beauty; surrounded by cooling highland-air, eight mountains, tropical gardens and lush vegetation. Built within a charming non-commercial coffee plantation producing up to seven tons of coffee a year, the true magnificence of MesaStila is in its spectacular setting and its Hammam Spa.


MesaStila offers distinctly Javanese experiences, with traditional Pencak Silat martial-arts; Javanese wellness therapies; coffee scrubs; Jungle-Gym & TRX training with a master-trainer; a fusion of organic, healthy and Javanese food, and the services of skilled local healers. Our pledge at MesaStila is to focus on traditional, local and wholesome experiences, which accentuate the magnificence of the environment, the people, the culture and facilitate a healthy lifestyle - full of wonderful experiences!

Alamat : Desa Losari,Grabag Magelang Central Java
Telepon : +62 298 596 333
Fax : +62 298 592 696
Website :