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Bakoel Koffie

Our mission is to create the best and freshest coffee beans possible for your enjoyment at home. Our coffee is freshly roasted in our shop at Jln Bintaro sektor 3, AP60 Tangerang, Java Indonesia.

If you choose, you can even experience the taste of freshly roasted coffee, hot from the roaster, in our shop.  Allow us to bring back memory of the past, when things were simpler, food was fresh and natural.

Take your first sip of coffee, and experience the past in the present, a dynamic and exciting world…at your place or at ours.

Bringing the Good Old Days to the dynamic and exciting world of the present,

to bring you a rich, full bodied and seductive experience

is an any time pleasure that inspires your day…

Alamat : Jln Bintaro sektor 3, AP60 Tangerang 15221
Telepon : +62-21-736 90051
Fax : +62-21-736 90064
Website :