Kutai National Park

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Kutai National Park (KNP) is a lowland tropical forest in East Kalimantan. KNP has an area width of 198,629 hectares. Its bio-diversity and vegetation makes it a great destination for local as well as foreign nature lovers and researchers. Iron-meranti-kapur (Dryobalanops Spp.) woods, mixed dipterocarpaceae, mangroves and kerangsa are types of vegetations found in KNP.

At present, about 900 types of vegetations in the park have been identified. For local students in its surrounding areas e.g., Bontang and Sangatta, KNP is a facility to learn about the nature. Two locations of KNP frequently visited by tourists are Sangkima and Prevab resorts. Visitors are charged with an entry fee of Rp1,500 for local visitors or Rp15,000 for foreign visitors.



To Eat, To Buy, To Stay, To Do

Sangkima and Prevab resorts in KNP provide hotels for visitors.


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If you like to visit Prevab resort in KNP, it takes more than one day to do so. You should stay at least two nights in the area. Please bring along extra clothes, torchlight and food supplies.

Getting There and Around

Get Around

What's better for nature lovers than to trek the earth on foot? KNP allows guided trekking around the area. KNP personnel are always standby at Sangkima or Prevab posts. Alternatively, you can also travel by river using ketinting or motorboat.

Get There

Administratively, KNP is situated in Kutai Timur and Kartanegara districts, and Bontang city. Sangkima is situated at km 38 of Bontang-Sangatta road. And Prevab resort is situated near Swarga Bara village, kompleks KPC, Sangatta, Kutai Timur.
To enter KNP, visitors should firstly report to KNP hall at Awang Long street, Post Box I, Bontang or the National Park Management Division of Sangatta at Dr. Sutomo street no. S-27 Swarga Bara, Sangatta to get a License to Enter Conservation Area (SIMAKSI).

Sangkima resort is accessible by car or minibus of Bontang-Sangatta route. To visit Prevab resort, ones must use motorboat from Sangatta (Pinang bridge to be exact for 1 hour trip) or from Pangkalan Kabo Jaya (Papa Charlie pier), Swarga Bara village and it will take only 20 minutes by the river.

If you leave from Balikpapan, you can take a chartered taxi to Sangatta for Rp 900.000-Rp 1.000.000. From Samarinda, bus plying from Samarinda-Bontang-Sangatta is available. By using this bus, you can reach Sangkima resort.
If you wish to make a trip to Kutai National Park, you can contact the following:
Mr. Supiani  (Senior Ranger)
Phone:  +62 81346348803