Dieng’s Telaga Warna, the Color-changing Lake

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Dieng plateau has a million dazzling beauties, with an extraordinary natural and cultural wealth. In this region, in addition to shady green trees and beautifully patterned Hindu temples, here is also a beautiful natural gift called Telaga Warna, (the Colorful Lake), an icon of this area.

Located in the Kejajar District in Wonosobo, Central Java, this beautiful lake with its surrounding natural forest is one of the prime tourist destinations in the Wonosobo regency. To reach this lake from Wonosobo, it is an approximately 25 miles’ drive.

The harmony of nature with its clean, cool air makes the atmosphere at Telaga Warna Dieng very compelling and relaxing. The mystical atmosphere created by the white mist that envelopes the area, as well as the tall, shady trees which surround the lake, exude a feeling of refined calm and relaxation. A visit to Dieng would not be complete without passing and witnessing the beauty of Telaga Warna in person. From here you can also visit the Pengilon Lake, Goa Semar, Goa Jaran, and the Sikendang Crater.

This Lake is appropriately named Telaga Warna due to a natural phenomenon that causes the water of the lake to change in fluctuating colors. At times it is green, yellow, purple or even taking the colors of the rainbow. This phenomenon occurs because of the high sulfur content in these waters, so that when the sun hits the water, it reflects in varied colors. You can also see around the center of the lake, a section of water which appears to be bubbling; which is also due to its high sulfur content.


Hidden among the range of hills at an altitude of more than 2,000 meters above sea level, it does not make Telaga Warna (the Colorful Lake) lacking in visitors. Its beauty and mystery have attracted many visitors to Dieng. The water at most times appears calm, with no ripples at all. The sound of the wild birds chirping and the well preserved, wild forest creates a reassuring atmosphere of peace.

Telaga Warna is also very useful for the community. They use the water of the lake as a source to irrigate their potato and cabbage plantations which are major produce of this region.


To Stay, To Do

Many tourists come to stay in Wonosobo and travel to Dieng as a day trip, however, if you prefer to stay overnight in Dieng there are many comfortable home-stays available with a host of amenities and at a reasonable price. Several of the local families from Dieng have also opened up their houses for rent at relatively cheap prices. Below are several homestay options in Dieng.Dieng Plateau HomestayJl. Raya Dieng No 16, Km 26, Dieng, WonosoboPhone: +62 81327791565Homestay Dieng Pass Jl. Raya Dieng Km. 01, Dieng Plateau, Wonosobo HP. 085291250250 / 085743461555Homestay ArjunaJl. Telaga Warna 2/1 Dieng, Kejajar Wonosobo - Jawa Tengah 56354Phone: 0813-9232-9091 / 0812-2834-0737Home Stay Nusa IndahJl. Telaga RT 02/01 Dieng, Wonosobo Phone:  081226918123 / (0286)3342153For Hotels in Wonosobo, please click : http://www.indonesia.travel/en/destination/453/relaxing-in-wonosobo/findhotel

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Bring supplies you may need during the journey and while at the lake site.

The weather in these highlands is very unpredictable and can get quite chilly unlike other low lying parts of Indonesia. Bringing warm clothing is recommended.

It is recommended to leave the Dieng region before night falls as a thick fog begins to set in around the later afternoon.

In Gua Semar and Gua Sumur the cave entrances are well fenced off and permissions is needed from the caretaker to enter.

Telaga Warna and its surrounding area are considered a sacred place and it is advisable to be respectful and not speak too loudly while in the region.

Do not litter to maintain cleanliness and sustainability of tourism in the region of Dieng at Telaga Warna.

Getting There and Around

Get There

You can reach the Dieng highlands from Semarang, capital of Central Java. Semarang is served by daily flights from Jakarta, Surabaya and other cities around Indonesia.

You can also reach Semarang by train from Jakarta or Surabaya.

Dieng is located approximately 116 km from Yogyakarta. There are daily flights available to Yogyakarta from Jakarta and Denpasar with Garuda Indonesia and Air Asia.

To get to the Dieng Plateau, you can use your own car or rent a car directly to Dieng in the Wonosobo District. The journey will take approximately 4 hours from Yogya. For those who choose public transport, buses and travel (door to door minibus) are available to take you to Wonosobo District. After that, the trip is continued with a micro-bus to Dieng for about 1 hour. The natural scenery of green mountains along the road will pamper your eyes and eliminate the anxiety of the constantly twisting uphill ride.

To reach Telaga Warna you can use a motorcycle taxi service available in Dieng. However, if you're feeling adventurous the walk is not too long and you can enjoy the beautiful Dieng scenery.