Banjarmasin Floating Market Festival and Borneo Festival 2013

12 Sep 2013 - 14 Sep 2013

The annual Floating Market Festival and Borneo Festival 2013 are being held once again from 12th to 14th September 2013 along the Martapura River and centered on the main stage in front of the Governor’s Office at jl.Jend Sudirman, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan.


Starting at 15.00 hrs. Central Indonesia Time on 12th September, the Festival opened with a cultural parade featuring representatives from cities and regencies and other government bodies.


The Festival will continue with a batik Sasirangan fashion show. Invited guests are then led to the exhibitions and to the tens of traditional boats selling various kinds of goods around the Martapura River.


The Festival will also be highlighted with handicrafts, and a culinary exhibition in the courtyard of South Kalimantan Governor’s Office, entitled the “Kampoeng Banjar” or Banjar Village. In the evening, the Nang Galuh Beauty pageant will take place.


A number of fascinating activities will also highlight the event including Jet Ski races on the Martapura River, various traditional games (balogo, engrang, sasuduran, and others), and traditional folk arts presented on the entertainment stage. There will also be a traditional coastal dance competition participated by various groups within the province, besides the kelotok traditional boats decorating competition.


The closing ceremony will be held at the main stage on the final day led by the Governor of South Kalimantan. The closing ceremony will be highlighted with distinct Banjarese songs and dances, Malay Dances, and a traditional fashion show. During the ceremony winners of various competitions will also be announced.


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