The 6th Aceh Cultural Week 2013

20 Sep 2013 - 29 Sep 2013

The province of Aceh at the north-western tip of the Indonesian Archipelago will be highlighted with festivities when the 6th Quadrennial Aceh Cultural Week 2013 takes place from 20th to 29th September 2013 at the Sulthanah Syafiatuddin Park, at  Banda Aceh. This year the event carries the theme “One United Aceh” which aims to unite and strengthen the bond of all elements in society for the future of a better Aceh.


Just as in previous editions, the Aceh Cultural Week 2013 will be officially declared open by  Indonesia’s  President Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Joined by all the regencies and cities within Aceh Province, the event will feature the abundant cultural wealth of the province through a series of exhibitions, performances, and other programs.


After the opening ceremony on 20th September, the fiesta continues on the following day of 21st September with a Cultural Parade centered at the Simpang Lima intersection. From 20th to 29th a series of exhibitions including Aceh’s Cultural Heritage Exhibition,  The Archipelago Cultural Heritage Exhibition, Islamic literature and traditional Aceh crafts & products, and more will take place in numerous places around Banda Aceh, capital of Aceh Province. A Cultural Awarding Ceremony will also take place on 28th September at the Hermes Palace Hotel.


The full week of cultural fiesta will also feature a series of seminars from 25th to 26th September at the AAC Sultan Selim II. Various art and cultural performances including theatrical play, calligraphy and carvings, Saman Dance, Sudati Dance, Rapai Geleng, Dalai Khairat, Zikir Maulid, choirs, and more will be held from 20th to 28th September at the Taman Budaya Aceh, Sulthanah Shafiatuddin Park, and Tgk.Chik Di Tiro Building. Adding to the festivity are various traditional folk gameswhich will take place at the Unsyiah Monument Field and Lamnyong Bridge from 22nd to 26th September.

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