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Story of Indonesia, Every Picture Tells A Story

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Formerly part of the vast South Sulawesi Province, the province of West Sulawesi was not officially formed until 5th October 2004. Along with the establishment of the new province, a capital was chosen as the center of government activities, which fell on the little coastal town of Mamuju, which lies most central in this tall shaped province. Not only does it serve as the center of government, Mamuju also acts as the main hub to explore the hidden beauty of West Sulawesi.


Formerly part of the vast South Sulawesi Province, the province of West Sulawesi was not officially formed until 5th October 2004. While it may not receive a fair share of spotlight compared to other more popular destinations in the archipelago, the young province has its own unique appeal as a pristine destination far from the hectic daily life or even bustling tourists’ commotions.


With as capital the small growing town of Mamuju, the province is divided into 5 regencies, stretching from Polewali Mandar in the south to North Mamuju in the north. As with the regencies, the beauty of West Sulawesi also stretches from high mountain ranges all the way to coastlines and the depth of the sea.


For adventure seekers and those who walk the roads less travelled, they can quench their thirst for a good adventure as they hike up to Indo Ranuang Waterfall in Polewali Mandar. While those who enjoy indulging themselves in the soft white sands, calm breezes, and the relaxing sounds of the waves there is the Dato Pangale Beach in Majene. For a refreshing experience of swimming in the relaxing ambience of nature, there is the Jati Gentungan Swimming Pool just a short drive away from the capital Mamuju. While you are here you will also be presented with the distinct hospitality and various unique cultural art forms of the Mandar ethnic group that inhabits most of West Sulawesi.

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Unveiling West Sulawesi: Pristine Beauty  of East Indonesia

Here at Indo Ranuang Waterfall there is nothing but peace and serenity accompanied by the beautiful sounds of nature, a perfect prize after a challenging hike.

The beat of the vibrant capital city Jakarta was pounding louder as thousands of music enthusiasts thronged to ISTORA Senayan Stadium in the Gelora Bung Karno Sports Complex on the last weekend of September to experience for themselves the most anticipated Java Soulnation Festival 2012.


Held over three days running, from Friday (28/09/12) to Sunday (30/09/12), the festival brought some of the world's prominent names in popular music including James Morrison, Robin Thicke, Jay Sean, Color Me Badd, Scissor Sisters, and many more. From Indonesia's own music scene, the festival featured Sandhy Sandoro, Raisa, Dewi Sandra, Ras Muhammad, Calvin Jeremy, and many others. As stated at the press conference on Thursday, the Festival not only presented the "usual" shows as the artists were challenged to come up with something fresh for each of their performances. The shows were held in 4 outdoor stages and 1 main stage inside the Istora Stadium.


Fully supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, the three days music festival proved that show business and the music industry in Indonesia are once again on the rise. Representative of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy stated at the press Conference on Thursday, that the development of the creative industries especially in the field of Show Business has been included in the government's program with the establishment of the new Directorate for the Development of the Performing Arts and the Music Industry in the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.


It is expected that in future, the Ministry can support and further participate in this type of events since musical events and performing arts in Indonesia have grown significantly and have contributed to the regional and national economy as well as improve people's welfare.


Photo by Aris Bronson -

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Java Soulnation 2012: A Fiesta for the Love of Music

The performance of golden hits-maker/singer/songwriter, Robin Thicke  truly became the pinnacle of the three-day musical fiesta as he successfully mesmerized the audience with his heart-melting charms.