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Story of Indonesia, Every Picture Tells A Story

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World-class thrilling waves meet jaw-dropping scenery at the secluded surfers’ paradise of Suluban Beach. Located not too far from the picturesque Uluwatu Temple, this beach is the actual site of the famous Uluwatu surf break. This beach extends right up and joins the Uluwatu Beach. Together they are the Mecca for wave chasing junkees who come to Bali.

The beach is blessed with a breathtaking view on the Indian Ocean which offers a serene atmosphere and spectacular sunsets in the late afternoons, creating that most romantic aura. Approaching the area, visitors will be greeted by fascinating scenery of white rock cliffs that stretch as far as the eyes can see. Descending some 50 meters down to the shore, a vast white sandy beach kissed by turquoise blue waters await, while the pounding waves play the true resounding sounds of nature: the perfect setting for a thrilling surfing adventure.

Photo by Andi Muhaimin/ 

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Surfs Up The Splendid Suluban's Waves in Bali's South Coast

A vast stretch of blue ocean as far as the eyes can see highlighted with endless rolls of waves storming the shore is truly the perfect setting for the thrilling surfing adventure at Suluban Beach.

Jakarta’s precious Neo-Gothic Roman Catholic Cathedral stands on the north corner of Lapangan Banteng, or Banteng Square, which, during the Dutch colonial period was called Waterlooplein, or Waterloo Square in Central Jakarta.  Today, the Cathedral stands right across Jakarta’s largest mosque, the Istiqlal Mosque.

Their proximity is not a coincidence. Indonesia’s first president, Soekarno, chose the site for the mosque on purpose, to symbolize the nation’s philosophy of unity in diversity, where all religions could co-exist in peace and harmony.

Today, both religious establishments continue to cooperate with one another.

Photo by Abdul Aris Mustaqin/

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Jakarta's Neo-Gothic Roman Catholic Church

This gem of a neo-gothic cathedral in Jakarta was consecrated in 1901, having been rebuilt at the same location where previously stood the old church, which was built in 1829 but collapsed in 1890. The Cathedral has 3 wrought iron spires, the two tallest are 60 meters each and the central spire is 45 meters.